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Dickensheets Family Genealogy
First Generation

1. William DICKENSHEETS, was born in abt 1730 in Germany. In abt 1754 when William was 24, he married Catherine DUDDEROW.

They had the following children:

2 i. John Conrad (~1754-)

ii. Margaret, who was born on 12 Oct 1760 in Frederick Co, Maryland or possibly in France. Margaret died in Frederick County, Maryland on 23 Oct 1826, she was 66. Margaret married John MESSLER.

3 iii. Catherine (~1758->1825)

iv. Susanna, who was born abt 1762 in Frederick County, Maryland. In abt 1783 when Susanna was 21, she married John YOUN, in Frederick County, Maryland.

4 v. Elizabeth (~1764-)

vi. Hannah Ann. Born abt 1766 in Frederick County, Maryland.

5 vii. Mary Magdalene (~1760-)

6 viii. Frederick W (~1768-)

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