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Dickensheets Family Genealogy
Sixth Generation

28. Ray Ervin DICKENSHEETS, who was born on 21 Mar 1897. Ray died in Jan 1968 in Los Angeles, California, his SSN: 563-09-6770. He married Hazel Hattie HAMILTON, daughter of HAMILTON & SHAVER. She was born on 1 Jan 1901 in Missouri. Hazel Hattie died in Los Angeles Co, California on 13 Sep 1981, she was 80.

They had atleast one child:

31 i. William Ervin (1921-1995)

29. Ruth I DICKENSHEETS, who was born on 21 Mar 1915. Ruth I died on 22 Mar 1998, she was 83.On 11 May 1932 when Ruth was 17, she married Jesse L. POAGE, in Hannibal, MO. Jesse L. died on 2 Aug 1987.

They had the following children:
i. Jesse.
ii. David.
iii. Virgil.
iv. Erma.

30. Clayton Alfonso STITES, who was born on 3 Jul 1881 in Acme, Grand Traverse Co, Michigan. Clayton Alfonso died in Traverse, Grand Traverse Co, Michigan on 21 Aug 1964, he was 83.

Clayton Alfonso first married Charlotte (or) Edith BEBEE.

They had one child:
i. Olive Irene, who was born on 21 Jan 1905 in East Bay, Grand Traverse, Michigan.

Clayton Alfonso second married Bertha Ellen CONN, who was born on 4 Nov 1919 in Matteson, Branch, Michigan.

They had one child:

i. Alta Lamoyne.

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